In The News: CBS News Chicago features pickleball growth, expansion   

CBS News Chicago featured Pickle Haüs in its December 18, 2023 newscast.  

The segment covered the explosive popularity of pickleball and how real estate developers and investors in the Chicago area are creating businesses around the addictive sport.  

They highlighted the recent Pickle Haüs opening and the unique differentiators that set Pickle Haüs apart, including our pickleball programming, exceptional restaurant and bar options, and space for corporate and family events.   

A few quotes of note: 

  • Seymour Rifkind, president of the World Pickleball Federation, shared, “The game itself is fantastic. It’s a combination of slow, steady, patient strategy – and all of a sudden, just like that…it’s easy to learn. People that have never played a sport in their life can get out and have fun in five minutes because they’re hitting the ball back and forth. What I love most about pickleball is that it brings families together.” 
  • Pickle Haüs co-founder Graham Palmer shared that Pickle Haüs stands out from other emerging pickleball concepts because of its robust food and beverage options, “In terms of an indoor pickleball facility with a heavy food and beverage program, this is the first of its kind in Chicago. We see ourselves as a restaurant/bar that happens to have pickleball as our sport.” 

To read the full article from CBS News Chicago, visit their site.