In The News: Chicago Tribune Features New Pickleball Venue In Suburbs

“Pickleball is here to stay, and developers are gearing up to satisfy the demand”  

The Chicago Tribune featured Pickle Haüs in its July 12, 2023 publication.  

The article highlighted many of the key amenities that will be included at Pickle Haüs, including: 

  • 12 indoor pickleball courts 
  • A full-service restaurant with a casual menu curated by a James Beard Featured Chef  
  • A full bar  
  • An outdoor dining patio 
  • A dedicated space for private events  

The coverage also focused on the growing craze of pickleball in the U.S. and how Pickle Haüs plans to grow, also, planning for multiple new facilities over the next several years.  

A few quotes of note: 

  • Pickle Haüs Co-Founder Graham Palmer shared his personal experiences with pickleball and how he began playing with his daughter. “Within five minutes, we were able to play a game,” he said.  
  • Pickle Haüs Co-Founder Jeff VanDixhorn shared that Pickle Haüs will provide an ideal space for social gatherings, including pickleball leagues, pickleball tournaments and corporate events where all employees can comfortably participate. “Companies are looking for team-building activities to pull people together,” VanDixhorn said.  

To read the full article from the Chicago Tribune, visit their site