5 Fun Ways to Keep the Family Entertained this Winter Break 

Young boy wearing green Pickle Haus hat playing pickleball with winter snowflake border around image.


Everyone knows the feeling of being homebound during the holidays. 

Endless dishes and tidying while hosting family from out of town.  

Little ones bouncing off the walls.  

Adults and kids alike itching to get outside the house together to bond and create new memories. 

Finding a large group activity for the family can be daunting. You want to choose something everyone will like and that minimizes the amount of extra effort and work required – after all, you’re already juggling enough between hosting, work, parenting and more.  

Before you stress about booking 10+ seats all together at this season’s movie blockbuster or wrangling everyone at a congested shopping mall, consider an afternoon of food, fitness and fun for the whole family while playing a team sport like pickleball. 

Here are 5 reasons that booking time to play pickleball with the family is the perfect holiday outing! 

  1. Private Court Time Just for Your Crew 

No need to battle the crowds this season with everyone else. Whether you book a cabana pickleball court or a standard court at Pickle Haüs, the space is yours and yours alone for the duration of your booking.  

During that time, you can host an entire group for the same price and can have food and drink delivered courtside. We recommend booking two hours and bringing a group of 8-10 people, so everyone can alternate having fun on the court or eating/drinking and socializing on the sidelines.  

  1. Gear and Lessons for All Levels 

Whether Granny is the family champ or it’s the cousins’ first time picking up a paddle, we have expert staff on-site to walk your team through the basic skills of pickleball, as well as to provide more advanced support. You might even discover some new pickleball aficionados in the family. Pickleball lessons or court time make a great gift for almost anyone at any skill level. 

With easy-to-learn rules and terminology, pickleball is a game you can pick up quickly and start having a blast in just 10 minutes or less! 

And, everyone doesn’t need to invest in their own equipment to play. You can rent paddles and buy pickleballs on-site, so you can get right on to the court when you arrive 

  1. Tasty Eats to Feed the Whole Family 

All that time playing pickleball with the family can work up an appetite!  

With fresh, shareable items like salads, sandwiches and pizza on our menu, you’re guaranteed to find delicious options to feed the whole family. You can also toast to your gathering and your loved ones – choose something delicious from our bar menu, which includes crafted cocktails, wine and local beer. 

  1. Keep The Kids Moving ALL Break Long 

We know – it can be tricky to keep the kids occupied over the multiple WEEKS of holiday break. Most indoor activities – like the bowling alley, arcade and movies – are crowded this time of year and don’t provide enough physical fun and exertion to wear them out. 

The high energy and coordination of pickleball allows kids and teens to improve individual skills while learning to play a highly communicative team sport. Getting the kids off the couch and into pickleball not only sets them up with a lifelong activity but also helps them burn off some energy during the long days they’re off school. 

  1. Something for Everyone! 

Pickleball is a great family fun activity that’s inclusive for people of all ages. We see families with young kids, grandparents and more all playing and having fun together on the courts.  

And if everyone’s not up for pickleball, we have other options available to keep them entertained, including:  

  • State-of-the-art golf simulators where you can tee up some friendly competition with the family 
  • A full restaurant where you can order great shareable options to enjoy – from pizzas and wings to hummus and salads, there are plenty of options for all palates  
  • A bar with nine screens where you can watch the big games and cheer on your favorite teams 
  • TV screens in our cabana courts so you can enjoy watching your favorite programming while on site  

Next time you’re looking for an all-inclusive family outing this holiday season or even looking to plan an unforgettable family reunion, check out the pickleball, dining and more at Pickle Haüs!