Prioritize People & Culture: 30-Minute Mentor with Jeff VanDixhorn

Jeff VanDixhorn, co-founder of Pickle Haüs, College Park Athletic Club and Club Automation, has had an impactful journey in the athletic operations industry. VanDixhorn was recently interviewed by 30-Minute Mentor about his career and entrepreneurial journey, leadership experience and vision for Pickle Haüs.  

Key points of interest from the interview included:  

  • How the idea for Pickle Haüs arose from observing the growing popularity of pickleball and the lack of indoor courts in the Chicago area.  
  • How the team from College Park Athletic Club partnered with real estate developer Hubbard Street Group to create a unique eatertainment experience that combined pickleball with outstanding food and beverage service 
  • How Jeff regularly generates business ideas by staying curious, being observant and exploring opportunities in your surroundings. 
  • How Jeff’s business successes have been built around seeing opportunities for problem solving and filling needs in the marketplace 
  • How Jeff views leadership as a combination of inspiring and motivating teams, providing necessary resources, recognizing contributions, seizing opportunities, and leading by example 

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