6 Reasons to Golf Indoors This Winter at Pickle Haus

As we continue to experience more winter weather, you may feel frustrated about putting your golf clubs away until the snow and winds subside and there’s more pleasant, sunny weather to enjoy.  

However, there’s hope for those who can’t imagine spending the winter without a way to play golf or get in some good quality golf practice. Playing on an indoor golf simulator can help ensure you get a club in your hands and some green under your feet no matter the weather.  

We’ve put together six reasons you should come in and give the indoor golf simulators at Pickle Haus a try next time you’re in the mood to hit the course.  

  1. Enjoy a realistic experience on some of the world’s best courses.  

If you’re dealing with winter weather, you might be limited on which courses are available or might have to struggle to share time with lots of other players trying to enjoy the same courses.  

When you’re playing in a golf simulator, you have hyper-realistic access to some of the world’s most renowned courses, including:  

  • Pebble Beach 
  • St. Andrews 
  • The Bridges 
  • And more 
  1. Get your practice in and improve your game.  

If you’re a serious golfer, you may be trying to find a way to get to a warmer climate and get in some rounds this winter. However, if you can’t travel (or can’t travel often enough to stay in peak form), a golf simulator can provide a year-round training ground.  

Golfers can work on their swing mechanics, analyze ball data and fine-tune their skills, so they can emerge from winter with a competitive edge on the course. After all, if it’s good enough to be the preferred golf simulator option for the legendary Tiger Woods, it’s the ideal spot for you to work on improving your game!  

  1. Start learning golf as a novice player.  

Maybe you’ve been considering picking up golf as a new hobby but are worried about the investment of time and money that might be required to purchase clubs, pay green fees and actually learn how to play correctly.  

Fortunately, when you play on an indoor golf simulator, you can get in far more swings in far less time, so you can improve your abilities faster. And, because of the real-time tracking and analysis, you can easily review what you’ve been doing and make adjustments so you get better quicker and will be ready to play with friends faster!  

  1. Have some fun with friends.  

Speaking of friends, not everyone who steps into a golf simulator is vying for a spot on the PGA Tour. If you’re playing on a traditional course, it can be exasperating to play with someone at a different skill level.  

However, if you’re playing on an indoor golf simulator, you don’t have to be all at the same level to enjoy playing together on the golf simulators. You can each enjoy it – without having to spend time on the course waiting for a new player to catch up.  

  1. Do more than golf.  

When you bring out a group to check out the golf simulator, you can make it an occasion to remember. Book a couple of hours so you can play, put a game on the TV screen in the bay, order some food and just enjoy hanging out together.  

Pickle Haus offers a full food and beverage menu, including many shareable options that work perfectly for sharing a bay and playing together. Order several of our pizzas and a round of drinks and you’ll have a perfect evening of playing, dining and socializing together.  

  1. Make it a date night to remember.  

When you invite a special someone for an outing at Pickle Haus, you can enjoy playing together on the golf simulator and can also book some time on the pickleball courts. It’s a great way to try something new and get those endorphins flowing! (You can also learn all about why new date experiences are the best – especially new date experiences at Pickle Haus – read our blog post here.) 

Are you ready to come out, brave the wintry weather and play some golf? Pickle Haus has two indoor golf simulator bays available and perfect for playing whether you’re an individual perfecting your putting or a group looking for a great night out together. Book your space now!